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  • More Miracles in Burundi!
    A famous witchdoctor called Makari received what he thought were prospective ‘clients’ into his den. His reputation went before him and so our evangelists wanted to challenge his authority. When t...
    2018-08-03 10:27:36
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  • Blessed are the Peacemakers…
    ‘Shortly before racing in the 1993 World Championships in Toronto, his brother rings to tell him his parents have been murdered and their bodies dumped down a latrine. He still runs and gets a m...
    2018-07-24 16:26:37
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  • A Strong Bride on a Mission…
    Listen to Onesphore, the new GLO National Director, as he shares his vision for the Church in Burundi, and what we are trying to do to help. It’s a big dream, and we’ll need lots of suppor...
    2018-07-14 15:19:00
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  • Claire
    Working in Boscombe is proving to have its challenges. Nursing staff are exhausted. Patients expectations growing. It’s time to inject some fun, laughter and chill out time ad a team to enable to be refreshed, dynamic and daring to step out
    2018-08-09 10:22:42
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  • Iva
    2018-07-30 11:46:29
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  • liz patterson
    I am greatful to have my legs. I am awaiting my 3rd hip operation but know I am lucky to still have the use of my legs
    2018-07-30 11:16:31
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