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  • A Strong Bride on a Mission…
    Listen to Onesphore, the new GLO National Director, as he shares his vision for the Church in Burundi, and what we are trying to do to help. It’s a big dream, and we’ll need lots of suppor...
    2018-07-14 15:19:00
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  • Bird-Turd-Splattered at Buckingham Palace!
    It was a memorable day in more ways than one… We’d only just flown in from Africa the day before, and for logistical reasons were coming in by car from Southampton (Lizzie, her Dad, and the boys) ...
    2018-06-29 06:39:18
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  • Graduation!
    Six years ago, there was an empty field. Now there is probably the best campus in the country. The day before we flew out, it was Gitega International Academy’s second graduation. Hot on the hee...
    2018-06-27 16:04:10
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  • Joy
    Well, I'm actually heading to Burundi and have only raised 38% of what I need monthly. Yet, I have given to those God brought on my path today, simply because God gave EVERYTHING for me.
    2018-06-05 03:53:05
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  • Mostyn Krollig
    Some Sudanese refugees my wife & I support in Uganda we desperate to purchase a 2nd hand generator. I had been thinking about it, could I afford it etc, The challenge helped convince me that the relatively small cost to me, would be multiplied greatly for them. I needed to be grateful that I had funds to be able to even consider the matter. Blessings
    2018-04-13 13:37:10
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  • Frank
    Many can feel alone even in church
    2018-04-13 07:57:38
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