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  • Am Grateful Martha can Die in Peace…
    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! A number of you have written in asking for an update on our appeal for a new vehicle. So this is reporting back to you that all the money came in – hurray –...
    2018-03-13 12:14:44
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  • My Country Wept…
    Theo did as he was told and laid his head down on the floor, waiting for a machete to end his life… Here’s a massive recommendation to buy yourself (and for others too) this newly-publishe...
    2018-03-12 10:48:52
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  • Looking out for Widows…
    There’s no social security out here. When your husband dies, beyond the normal grieving it’s a total and utter disaster for the widow, further compounded if she has children. So here’...
    2018-03-02 09:30:18
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  • Michelle Withey
    I've been visiting the gym periodically for the last 12 months as well as running with the club that I have been with for just over a year. Whilst I really enjoy doing this by myself, I treasure the times when my husband joins me on Saturday whilst our daughter is at her dance class. I like cycling next to him and secretly trying to beat his speed.
    2018-03-17 14:52:39
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  • Sherri Johnson
    By God’s grace, I faced a situation with a fellow believer in which I was tempted to remain angry. I sometimes wonder if those with “engineer minds” recognize how harshly they come across! My husband made a phone call to the person, and graciously thanked her for her willingness to volunteer to help with the conference we’re planning, but stated that he felt she may need to just attend and rest since she has much going on in her life. I was grateful for his protection of me, but awoke yesterday with a strong sense that I was to speak with her. After much time in the Word and in prayer, I called. Although I truly don’t think she knew how she had upset me, I knew that unity is of utmost importance in the body of Christ. And I know that He uniquely gifts each of us for His glory. I told my sister in Christ that I would love to utilize her strengths in our next conference. We both recognized and appreciated the differences between us, and, in the long run, my countenance was lifted. Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow!
    2018-01-11 14:47:00
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  • Sherri Johnson
    I’m in the middle of a very busy season - preparing for a marriage conference to be held February 2-4. Was already in a state of exhaustion from a daughter’s wedding (just before Christmas). I wrote poems of gratitude and had many opportunities to express these thoughts to family and friends. Will eventually try to share an edited version of one! Thank you for encouraging so many - I was grateful to happen upon your site recently, as I had followed you on Twitter a while back. Blessings to you and your family from friends in Decatur, Alabama (USA)!
    2017-12-31 20:19:42
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