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  • Radical Grace
    Today was a day feared by many, as Burundians went to the polls in a referendum on changing the constitution. We were told to lie low and stay indoors. As the day draws to a close, it looks like it ha...
    2018-05-17 17:57:28
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  • The Beautiful Beginning…
    We waited four years and went through umpteen challenges to become totally above-board legitimate owners of this land, and now the work has begun with a vengeance! It’s hard for you to understand th...
    2018-05-03 11:39:38
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  • Praying for Peace in Burundi…
    This short blog is simply a call to prayer for Burundi as we approach the referendum on the 17th May. The referendum is to amend (or not) the constitution to change presidential terms from 5 to 7 year...
    2018-05-01 18:24:17
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  • Mostyn Krollig
    Some Sudanese refugees my wife & I support in Uganda we desperate to purchase a 2nd hand generator. I had been thinking about it, could I afford it etc, The challenge helped convince me that the relatively small cost to me, would be multiplied greatly for them. I needed to be grateful that I had funds to be able to even consider the matter. Blessings
    2018-04-13 13:37:10
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  • Frank
    Many can feel alone even in church
    2018-04-13 07:57:38
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  • Hjj Fhj
    Really challenging but rewarding
    2018-04-12 06:58:35
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