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  • The Cost of Obedience…

    This is some of my friend Yve’s story. He’s moved on to a new place of work now, but his faith still challenges me… I love sharing

    The post 2019-06-18 15:52:41

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  • Bleeding Beautiful…

    I never thought I would be writing an email about sanitary towels and now it has happened twice (the first is here). Thousands of girls in Burundi give up school every year because they don’t ha...

    2019-06-13 12:57:41
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  • Beautiful New Life, the Seemingly Impossible Happening…

    Nobody would have ever believed it possible, but it has indeed happened. There is always hope, even in the most apparently hopeless situations. So I just wanted to share the joy of Freddy (formerly...

    2019-05-02 15:18:18
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  • Alyssa Balderaz
    God lord very much fine my family not go church late time. Stay home house go shower not time 10:00
    2019-05-20 13:08:35
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  • Carolyn
    The world is a much better place when gratitude and thankfulness become a focus. I am constantly reminding my children to be thankful for warm clothing, shelter and food - the basic needs of life. Sometimes it’s the little things - they remind us about the bigger things
    2019-05-16 18:55:57
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  • Billy
    Gave a friend an Antique sideboard belonging to my mum and dad
    2019-04-17 05:48:57
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